Aquaphobic Fish

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Monsters of Godville
Aquaphobic Fish
Aqua timoris piscis
Class Fish
Habitat Water, ironically enough
Description A fish full of paradoxical fear

The Aquaphobic Fish (Aqua timoris piscis) is a monster that lives in a constant state of torment.

General Information

The Aquaphobic Fish is a rather small creature that lives in any body of water. It is in a constant state of stress due to an odd biological "glitch" that causes it develop a severe fear of water, despite the fact that it can't survive without it. As a consequence of this existential dilemma, the Aquaphobic Fish has a tendency to lash out at other living creatures that come near it in an attempt to take its mind off of things[1].

The Godville Department of Monster Zoology has attempted to study this creature in the past, but due to the aforementioned "glitch" also doubling as a protective feature[2], the study has been cancelled. Fortunately, it has no effect on Heroes.



  • Paradoxical nature may cause damage to mind if thought about for too long[3]
  • Constant state of fear makes its attacks wildly unpredictable
  • Pathetic appearance causes Heroes to underestimate its strength


Notes and References

  1. Much to the extreme ire of any Copfish that may be living nearby.
  2. Specifically, the ability to cause psychic damage to intellectuals.
  3. "Seriously, please stop asking us to continue studying this creature. We can't afford to lose any more scientists to this thing." - Official Statement by the Godville DMZ, 2030 g.e.
  4. Or any water-based weapon, really.
  5. It has a one-sided grudge against the fellow fish's ability to survive without water for long periods of time.
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