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Monsters of Godville
Class Mythological creature
Habitat Dungeons
Description Huge, fat and angry

The Appetitan (titanus famelicus) is a dungeon boss-monster of type A. It is closely related to the Stalactitan.


The Appetitan was firstly mentioned in Greek mythology: The lord of time, Cronus, was so hungry that he ate all his children, except for Zeus. This is a typical behaviour for Appetitans, and it is yet to be found out, which role it plays in Appetitanic culture.

Physical attributes

An adult Appetitan is between five and eight metres tall (equivalent to sixteen to twenty-six feet) and weighs up to eighteen tons. The number of extremities differs, but an interview with a spokesman of Boss-monster Buddy Corporation, BBC, said:

« An Appetitan has got as many arms as it needs to put a napkin around its neck, hold all the cutlery and eat its vict-, meal without wasting too much of it.

Most Appetitans have two eyes, but due to 1980s' fashion to look "cyclops-like", many also don't.

As a matter of fact, Appetitans do not have a tail, but it has been reported that many heroes, aiming for money, faked such.


  • Instant Hunger: The Appetitan starts eating his victims without killing or cooking them before. This technique is mostly used by younger samples of this species.
  • Cooking Breath: The Appetitan breathes out up to 6.5 litres (1.7 gallons) heated dihydrogenmonoxide, dissolved in air. The victim is usually cooked in about 0.63287 seconds.
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