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Artifacts of Godville
Type 🧷Normal
Description Unknown

The apocalypstick is a tool originally used by gods to destroy the world and create it again from scrap. This artifact is a 30 cm long wooden stick with a wood color ranging from almost coal black to honey-yellow brown, depending on the replica's manufactory.

The original apocalypstick has an unknown core inside the unbreakable wooden stick. But the replicas usually break after being used 3 times, so it's easy to find out the fake core (the most common are horse's hair, kit cat bars and aluminum chopsticks). The apocalypstick is extremely powerful, even a fake one can blow up an entire building. Luckily, heros are usually too stupid to use it and consider it as an artifact instead of weapons.

History of the apocalypstick was written by mortals across the world, so it's normal if there're many versions of it. However, all of them have one similarity at the beginning: an ancient heroine stole the apocalypstick.

While her god was away, she stopped her quest for a little bit and went drinking. After being kicked out for yelling "WAKEY WAKEY EGGS AND BAKEY" at the bar owner's grandfather's coffin, she tried to go on quest again. Little did she know, the place she thought was perfect to put something in the blue was her god's office.

After "completing" the quest, she somehow opened the locked briefcase and found the apocalypstick. Thinking it was a wand, she kept it as a free weapon and headed to the arena to test it. As the battle began, she swung the stick at the opponent three times. First time, the arena walls started shaking and crumbling. Second time and the whole capital experienced 10-richter earthquake. The third time was to summon an asteroid if it wasn't for her god's command to stop and hand the stick over.

But being an ancient heroine, she was smarter and more stubborn. She threw the apocalypstick at the poor hero, now trembled in fear, and blamed him for using the stick. The hero was struck by the powerful magic of the stick and morphed into a monster. His god was angered that he now didn't have a personal hero, and declared war on the heroine's god. While the two gods were fighting, the heroine ran away with the apocalypstick, probably sold it for 100 gold coin or even less for a night in the bar.

The original apocalypstick was passed from countless traders' and heroes' hands, until it was sold to an evil CEO of a weapon company. The CEO made hundreds and thousands of cheap replicas using fake materials and sold it for the heros. Till this day, the original apocalypstick is still missing, but its replicas will fill up the empty space (even for a very, very short time before breaking upon contact with dusts).