Fallen Angels of Destruction

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Fallen Angels of Destruction
Motto: Quad Tuum Ten
Alignment: Humane
Guild Page: Fallen Angels of Destruction 

The Angels of Destruction is the stealthiest guild, unseen but always present. We lurk in the shadows, dispersed justice to whom that needs them. We reign destruction to those whom bully the small people.

Many of its members are not easily traceable making it an exclusive secret society of individuals. So exclusive, members are unaware they are a few "hand picked" specifically for this guild. Of course, we always welcome new members. If you'd like to join, be sure to tell your hero to Join the "Angels of Destruction" guild and they'll be happy to do so. But to make sure your hero gets your word, you'll want to be sure that you're not in a town, not fighting a monster, and you obviously must meet the requirements to join a guild in the first place.

         Please do be aware that though we are called the "Angels of Destruction", anyone, no matter their alignment, is allowed and even encouraged to join. Angels of Destruction @ A.O.D welcome your participation in our guild.

New Members

All new members please do note that your hero is liable to attempt to leave the guild at anytime. But do not fret. There is a way to guide them in the right way. If at any time your hero embarks on a quest to join a different guild, advise them to "Cancel your quest". This can be done anywhere and at anytime, but for best results at least wait until your hero is not fighting a monster. If it does not work the first time, keep trying. It would be a shame if you were to allow your hero to follow the wrong path in life.

Also please do feel free to send a friend request to the Goddess GodLyme , and she'll be glad to help you with anything.