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Example.jpgThe "Angels of Anarchy" guild, we are a new up and coming guild striving to become the largest and most powerful guild in all of Godville.

We will achieve our goal through the strength and sheer number of our members.


Here we have a list of all the people that made Angels of Anarchy what it is from the first member to the little guy that helped make this wiki page.

Lord Ultima


Guild members In order of rank:

-Landru- -Ericc4- -David Blair- -Dedecou- -Cactoid Jim- -Bob Almighty- -Majik 404- -Reinhart- -Vukishiro- -Dark Razor- -TomasL- -The Tentacled One- -Ivan-the-guy- -Hunin- -One Beyond All- -Parkore- -Jaheyra- -Kjl- -Zkiller- -Jjr222- -Angel of the storm- -CRazyLeG- -Jesusjacker- -Ichiro Matachi- -Uara- -Taldurr- -El3k0n- -Bosslord mcshmiggle- -Rubbish Monkey- -MowJow- -Gaunt9- -Donald24- -Bearded Bacon- -Jchcw822- -Sir Sirington- -Asterader- -Tbrown440- -Nikita419- -Pouet- -Demon Queen- -Kris Dolmeth- -Annie Ting- -Orbiter- -Demo Knight- -Shadyspiv- -Shield- -Chaos1903- -Omitorei- -Dereksweet- -Adrianamae- -Kylachilly- -Kraumpf- -Nico o- -Godville 123- -Aevilpuppy- -Astolfo- -Bao-Bao- -Tad The Inhaler- -Gudis- -Chronicler- -Kabocha-