Angel of Death Metal

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Strong Monsters of Godville
Angel of Death Metal
Strong Monster
Class Angel
Habitat Bars; auditions; concerts
Description Angel addicted to death metal music

Often at the brink of death from fighting too many monsters, heroes claimed to see a shining apparition appear before them, dressed in violently black clothing and wearing heavy makeup. These apparitions have been since identified as Angels of Death Metal, not just hallucinations of exhausted heroes.

Upon meeting these Angels, one of two things will happen. If a hero is identified as being worthy of the 'Death Metal Inheritance', he/she will be carried away in the Angel's arms to perform in concerts in the Metal Hall of Fame, where he/she will spend the rest of his/her life in bliss and screeching noises, in the presence of thousands of other Death Metal enthusiasts. This has never been recorded in any hero/heroine's diary, probably because they cast away their diary the moment the Angel swoops away.

The more common of the two scenarios is this: the Angels are frustrated by mankind's uncouthness and will try their best to destroy heroes whom they find to be the most boorish of all mankind.

These Angels are a fearsome lot, and it takes the strongest and bravest heroes to be able to win a fight against them.



  • Loud and aggressive music deafens anything remotely close to them
  • Ability to fly
  • Supreme beings with cosmic powers which are more than enough to smite unworthy heroes


  • Chink in their armour resides between their wings
  • Arrogance allows them to be taken by surprise by clever heroes