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Often abbreviated to alts, many gods and goddesses enjoy Godville so much as to they split their personality into another whole omniscient being that can personally watch over another adventurer. However, many gods find switching their controlling presence to be too bothersome and they soon abandon but don't destroy their alternate personalities. This has led to some, if only a little, confusion between gods communicating.

List of gods and their alts

If you have more than one account please add yourself to the list. If you want special god formatting you will have to do it yourself. Just don't use god formatting for accounts that you have abandoned and thus a link to their page would be worthless. Please leave your main account in the list alphabetically and your alts may follow in any order you wish. Of course, many gods may wish to keep their alts a secret, which they have a right to, so this list will never be complete.

  • God A210Yleos can use my accounts ...
  • God Jimbob64&God Jimbob65: God Trainer. Paused accounts: {{God|King Oblivion- Ph D}}, {{God|Wile E Coyote}}, {{God|Belobog}}
  • God UmbraRex: UmbraRexVersion2, UmbraRexVersion256bs, UmbraRexVersionXXIII, ( and others I am too lazy to look up)

Gods who admit that they have alts and yet prefer to keep them private

If you are ok with people knowing that you have have alts but you rather keep those identities private for whatever reason (such as the for sake of role playing), feel free to leave a name (or more) here. Take note of which account you are logged in as. It will be visible in the page history.

  • God Hairplug4men(U • C • T)  Although not hard to find out I try to keep all the mes unique for role play (5 Alts)
  • God Magic Merlin I have multiple personality disorder (many alts in gv)
  • God Foxxy Chicken Although some of my alts are rather well known, I do like to keep a few semi-private :) (too many alts to count)
  • God ZeoPlee I have a couple alts but I try to make them as different from each other as possible.
  • God hit youI have a couple of alts and I like to be different people on each account if im friends with you most probability know who they are (5 or 6 in godville)
  • God Ventriloqu quite a few inactive alts.
  • God Jennya Just one alt, though I don't want to say.
  • God Glystas I have many alts; some are known to everybody, some are hidden. But I'd prefer to not list the public ones. You'll find out eventually.
  • God Regmes I have three alts.
  • God ???(U • C • T)