Alpha Whale

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Monsters of Godville
Alpha Whale
Class Land whale
Habitat Unknown
Description Unknown

An Alpha Whale is a Leader of the Whale Pack and is so cool, that it can go about on land and this gets it major respect from all other whales.

It keeps its strength up by eating lots of herring and salmon and other whale stuff, making it the terror of fishmongers everywhere in Godville. It has taken to wearing leather jackets while on land and has developed a real swagger. Or possibly, it just finds it difficult to walk around on flukes.

Alpha whales have a sonic attack, using their signature screeches which they originally used only in water. It sounds a bit bubbly but up close it can be deadly although at it distance it is merely annoying. An Alpha Whale can be extremely dangerous due to its size, and it's only weakness is to make it feel insecure, which is difficult due to its humongous(some would say whale sized) ego.



  • It's really big
  • Sonic Attack
  • Whale Sized Ego


  • Slower on land
  • Sometimes falls over when it gets flukes mixed up with flippers
  • Afraid of Captain Emo for some reason