Alpha Mole

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Boss-Monsters of Godville
Alpha Mole
Alpha talpa
Class Macromammal
Habitat Underground
Description Furry with beady eyes and pointy nose
Boss Type Underground

The Alpha Mole (Alpha talpa) is a boss monster that is leading the entire Mole Nation in a quest to eradicate humanity.

Before the rise of the Alpha Mole, garden variety moles were considered minor pests, always known to eat vegetables and flower bulbs as they grew, leaving holes in your hero's yard because of their tunneling activity. Now the Alpha Mole has united all moles under the banner of the Mole Nation and has ordered that they undermine all human civilization through concentrated excavating just underneath the surface of every city, town, road and outpost in the land, even Unspecifiedistan.

Although usually seen as slow, lumbering beasts, some Alpha Moles have evolved into smaller, nimbler versions, often with the speed to attack twice in one turn. As read in the diary of the hero Jake Suully: 08:16 Notes from the battlefield: During the excavation Jake Suully and Dadamighty disturbed someone's lair. A giant Nimble Alpha Mole shows up in front of them...



  • Hulking
  • Deafening
  • Very commanding personality
  • Very large, sharp claws


  • Poor eyesight
  • Overconfident
  • Moves very slowly
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