Alien spacesuit

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Equipment of Godville
Alien spacesuit
Worn 👕Body
Durability +20 to +21
Description A suit not of this world

Found buried beneath the ruins of a small house in Los Demonos, this strange suit seems to be designed to be able to cope with the extremes of space.

Alien technology has clearly played an influence in the suit's design. The suit covers the whole body yet has room enough inside for the wearer to be equipped with other equipment. The suit has been found to be fire-proof,water-proof,shatter-proof and child-proof.

When it was found with its wearer still inside (now mere bones) it provoked a torrent of speculations from archaeologists and historians. To this day we do not know how it came to be in the world of Godville.

Before it could be studied properly, it was stolen by a vicious hero and has since probably changed hands many times for it's worth a great deal.