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Monsters of Godville
Homo cervisium
Class Humanoid
Habitat Everywhere
Description "I'm not a simple alchemist, I am the Ale-Chemist!"

Ale-Chemist (Homo cervisium) is the title given to brewers that have turned to the mystical side of the art and grown mad and powerful enough to threaten the peace of Godville.

General Information

The power of Ale-Chemists greatly depends on the individual. Most of them merely throw pints of home-brewed beer at their foes but the most dangerous Ale-Chemists can bend and control beer in the form of weapons, projectiles or even small minions. A legendary Ale-Chemist is rumored to be behind the origin of the Beerkat elemental.

Even though they share the same title and obsession for beer, Ale-Chemists tend to rivalry and fight each other for any beer-related reasons; from the degree of alcohol beer should be to the cereals used. Surviving witnesses of the only known conference of Ale-Chemists claimed that "The calm lasted less than 5 minutes before insults were thrown and beer elementals were released" and that "It was a week-long beer war". The following investigation by the Godville Times reported that the place where that conference was supposed to have taken place is now a huge permanent beer lake littered with bottles and guarded by ceaselessly patrolling elementals. Heroes still seek the said lake for obvious reasons.

Despite all their differences, Ale-Chemists all agree on one thing: the ridiculously huge amount of beer consumed and wasted by heroes is a blasphemy against the noble product of their art, and so, they will track down every hero they sight.



  • Extended knowledge of beer
  • Genuine creativity and smartness
  • May have beer control powers at high levels


  • Madness
  • Overconfidence
  • Tendency to kill themselves in failed experiments
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