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Artifacts of Godville
Air guitar
Air guitar.jpg
A common air guitar. Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean your heroine won't find some use for it.
Type 🧷Normal
Description Looks better when windy.

The Air guitar is a normal artifact that is also an instrument.


It is known to be used by the Billowing Bards of Beerburgh, a touring band of Air Guitarists who make all their instruments from the air. Unlike most bands who throw their picks into the audience, they tend to throw their entire instruments. This is safe, and in accordance with the Godville Code of Health and Safety, the instruments being made of air, but held together with magic. It is fragile, however, and will dissipate in a shower of colour upon contact with the ground, so air-guitar smashing is a famous concert-ending stunt of theirs.

This has resulted in an abundance of the air guitar as an artifact, as clamouring fans demand at least 40 instruments per concert, which the Bards happily and easily supply. There have been cases of fans stampeding each other for an instrument, only to find that the instrument is gone by the time they reach it.

Usage and Transportation

Heroines can attempt to play the instrument when they get their hands on it, but it must be warned that pets may run away from the terrible noises produced, and it may attract air-related monsters like the Fairweather Fiend or the Hot Air Buffoon.

The artifact is also very, very fragile, so heroes are advised to keep pets away from it if they wish to still get coins for it at the nearest trader.