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Boss-Monsters of Godville
Class Zombie
Habitat Dungeon swimming pools
Description Guards life after life
Boss Type 3-Ability Dungeon

The Afterlifeguard (Tartarum praesidum) is a dungeon boss-monster. It is known for wearing a really hot red swimsuit and holding a red rescue can.

In the afterlife, the Afterlifeguard had the relatively simple task of ensuring everybody's safety - a surprisingly well paid job that came with many benefits. However due to recent budget cuts, it was pointed out (by a being who wishes to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation, but left behind their heroing card in case someone needs to get in touch) that as everyone in the afterlife is already dead, the Afterlifeguard had a rather pointless task, and therefore didn't need to be paid at all. Despite protests made by the Aftelifeguard Union, it was agreed that the Afterlifeguard did in fact have a pointless job and therefore did not need to be paid, and all financial payments promptly ceased.

Furious and unemployed, the Afterlifeguard Union quickly gathered to discuss alternative means of employment. After much debate, finger pointing, and temper tantrums it was decided that taking on the roll of dungeon boss-monster would be the most profitable, and would have the added benefit of allowing them to take out their frustration on unsuspecting heroes.



  • Has body modification for two internal floatation devices
  • Can hold its breath for a very long time
  • Keen eyesight is assisted with binoculars


  • Skin is extremely weak from constant sunburn
  • Very susceptible to weggies
  • Refuses to work at night
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