Adamantine Golem

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Monsters of Godville
Adamantine Golem
Class Golem
Habitat Underground
Description Golem made of adminium and gold, has an Adamantine jewel on it's forehead

The Adamantine Golem is a hideous rock-type creature that destroys everything it sees.


A scientist created this monstrosity when blending gold bricks with adminium (bedrock) in a laboratory. Awakening, it killed the scientist and escaped from the lab, and into the world of Godville.

The Golem was first spotted by an unknown hero in the year of 2005. Unfortunately, that hero died, but managed to scrawl a diary entry. The diary was found by another hero some years later, and the information was shared. Eventually bards created songs about the golem, and their singing of these songs in many taverns resulted in a general knowledge of Adamantine Golems by all heroes.


The Golem is notoriously famous for its love of material goods. It is frequently seen scaring travelers and townspeople, and frequently attempts to rob gold brick caravans. Heroes find the Golem most often underground, near the gold and adminium that it was created from. It is a relief that the scientist never blended adminium with diamond, as the result would be that of an invincible beast.


The Adamantine Golem is often camouflaged into it's surroundings, due to the fact that it can shape-shift into any shape it wants. However, it is possible to recognize a Golem by it's luminescent yellow eyes (although most heroes, after hearing this tip, run to fight a cat). The golem can almost turn invisible by turning into a floor, although this is not perfect. The true form is a large, rock-type monster, with arms, legs, and an Adamantine jewel on it's forehead.



  • Can shape-shift
  • Very tough skin
  • Very strong
  • Impervious to radiation


  • The Golem has a weak spot. It is small, but the smarter heroes can find it by looking for a dartboard and throwing a dart to the bullseye (the Golem won't allow anything else: it plays by the rules). Occasionally a Golem will allow a hero to throw 3 darts at it, providing that the Golem may eat the hero if he loses. Note, though, that this is rare, and that most heroes kill or flee before reaching this stage.
  • Some Golems can be trained as pets, providing that the hero gives the monster gold bricks, bracelets, and other shiny things.
  • Slow moving
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