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Monsters of Godville
Actual Monster
Monstrum Actuallus
Basic Artwork of the Actual Monster. It's too dangerous to get a good picture of this abomination.
Class Eldritch Abomination
Habitat Caves, Abandoned Buildings, Haunted Houses, Dark Forests, Swamps, Wastelands of Insomnia
Description Actually a Monster

Actual Monster is an monster that is obviously, actually a monster. It is a monster that is so monstrous and horrifying that even other monsters call it a monster. Other monsters have a tendency to avoid this terrifying creature.

The cities of Godville, Tradeburg, Monstro City, Los Adminos, Monsterdam, and Heisenburg have all ordered that this creature must be killed on sight because it is more than ugly on the outside. It is ugly on the inside too.

They are most common in the Wastelands of Insomnia and typically are out of their burrows/caves at night in said wastelands. It is believed they eat anything that is barely holding onto life in the wastelands and hunt like apex predators in every other habitat they have been found in.

General Information

Where the hideous creature known as the Actual Monster came from is unknown. However, its DNA has been tested and it doesn't seem to be of this world (The hero who brought the specimen almost died trying to kill the monster). In fact, most believe it came from an alternate dimension. All that is known is that they are extremely hostile and will attack both heroes and monsters alike. It is both a monster in personality and appearance, therefore it is an actual monster.

On top of that, there have been many reports of the Actual Monster appearing throughout the entire world. This means it has special teleportation powers or there are many. The second idea is the most likely, since the ear-piercing screeches this monster lets out can vary in pitch and are typically limited to how high-pitched or low-pitched they can be and they would stop appearing since after it was killed it couldn't come back to life.

The reason this creature is so dangerous isn't its aggression or its hideous appearance, but what it is actually capable of. Many of the Actual Monsters have been seen either breathing fire, ice, electricity, or extremely corrosive acid, and are always limited to one of them. It can also crawl on walls, eat concrete, let out glass-shattering screeches, and stretch its arms. It is also extremely fast and is believed to have night-vision. This monster isn't to be taken lightly, as it is obvious to believe, and the best option (if it is available), is to run away from it to avoid being eaten.

As for the heroes who are brave enough (or stupid enough) to engage the Actual Monster in combat, the best advice is to not fight honorably, brutishly, or valiantly. In fact, those who can defeat an Actual Monster (Never unharmed though), fight smart. And the best way to fight smart is to know what the monster can do and will do.

First, the hero must know what kind of breath/spit the Actual Monster they are fighting has, for each individual one can only use one of the four between fire breath, ice breath, lightning breath, or acid belching. The Actual Monsters have varying fighting styles based on their breath.

Fire Breath

Fire-breathing Actual Monsters, according many merchants and traders, are considered the fiercest of the four variants.

They can shoot fireballs from their mouths or breath fire like a stereotypical dragon. This variant relies less on screeching and more on fire. They have a habit of using their elastic claws to pin down their enemies, then proceed to burn them alive. Some however, will hold their target's mouth open and breath fire down their enemy's throat. When its enemy is at a distance, it may blast fireballs from its mouth before grappling its opponent.

If the monster's Fire proves to be useless, the Actual Monster will resort to physical combat, primarily relying of tearing its opponent with its claws. Sometimes, it may rip its foe's heart out and burn it to ashes.

Ice Breath

Ice-breathing Actual Monsters, according to philosophers and scholars, are the most cruel and vicious variant of the four variants.

They generally use their breath to keep their targets from moving by freezing them in a big chunk of ice. They also use ice breath to create icicles to use as daggers and will repeatedly shred and stab their enemies. This variant may also screech to deafen its opponent just for fun. However, they only screech if their opponent is frozen in ice.

If ice proves to be ineffective, this variant of Actual Monsters generally relies on biting, screeching, and choking anything courageous (or dumb) enough to challenge it.

Lightning Breath

Lightning-breathing Actual Monsters, according to innkeepers and bartenders, are the stealthiest and most cunning variant of the four variants.

Only using their breath to stun enemies, they are primarily physical and rely on their surroundings. This monster takes advantage of its speed, and after stunning the opponent, will zip around constantly biting and slashing at them. Many compare this fighting style to a meat-grinder and many heroes who fight this variant end up looking like ground beef when the monster has finished. Afterwards, this monster will eat its opponent's shredded-up corpse.

If lightning proves incapable of stunning the enemy, this variant will typically screech or trip their opponent to stun them instead.

Acid Spit

Acid-spitting Actual Monsters, according to everyone, are the most unpredictable variant of the four variants.

They tend to have mixed fighting styles and replicate the one or more of the other four variants (using objects or collapsing structures instead of ice if it replicates some of the ice-breathing variant's fighting style). It often belches acid as a projectile or as a massive torrent. It's acid is strong enough to corrode steel. Less than one percent of those who fight this variant survive. And, if they do survive, of that small percentage, none come out unharmed.

There have even been reports where Acid-spitting Actual Monsters defeated heroes by simply spitting acid. The best advice for heroes if they see this monster and recognize that it has acid spit is one word: run.

For those who think it's impossible to beat this monster

After reading all of that, you might think that this monster is impossible to beat and your hero should befriend it or avoid it at all costs.

But, many heroes have noticed things the Actual Monster doesn't like. For example, it is always in dark places and light seems to scare it. It also has a strong hatred for the smell and/or the sight of fruit. Nobody knows exactly why, but there have been times where the Actual monster saw an apple and jumped out of an open window to get away from it.

Also, if it sees another Actual Monster, it will attack the other regardless of what it was doing before so it can declare its territory to the rest of its kind. Finally, every Actual Monster is allergic to garlic. If they smell garlic, they will begin to sneeze very often. If they eat it, they will get extremely sick. If they touch it, they develop rashes on their skin.

How to identify an Actual Monster

  • Long, slender, dark gray body
  • Five black eyes with red slit-like pupils (one in the center, four on the sides)
  • Sharp teeth
  • Two curved horns
  • Four pitch-black, elastic arms with no thumbs
  • Six insect legs


This creature is not just a monster. Normal monsters, strong monsters, and boss monsters may only be a wild animal, a robot, or some kind of villain. This monster is different. It is a monster and a monster alone.

It is the most monstrous monster ever discovered. It isn't just ugly or mean-looking, it is also remorseless, cruel, and bloodthirsty. Even though it isn't a strong monster or a boss monster, be careful around it. Otherwise, your hero might become its next meal.

So, unless it becomes less dangerous, beware of the Actual Monster, since it is actually a monster.



  • Screeches can shatter glass
  • Extremely quick
  • Can breath fire, ice, electricity, or acid
  • Remorseless killer
  • Night vision
  • Elastic arms


  • Afraid of light and fruits
  • Easily distracted by own kind
  • Allergic to garlic
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