Acolytes of the Unknown

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Acolytes of the Unknown
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Motto: "The oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown”
Alignment: Any
Gold Fund: N/A c.u.
Date Founded: 21/06/2015
Membership Count: 2
Forum Headquarters: Acolytes of the Unknown
Guild Page: Acolytes of the Unknown 
Data current as of 21/05/2015

Our purpose and location

The purpose of the Acolytes of the Unknown, is relatively simple in comparison to that of some other guilds. However, this in itself is deceptive seeing as even though the goal is simple, acquisition of the artifacts is complex. A minimum of influence on the host civilization is permitted, and in the case of acquiring secret confirmation of them without the holder realizing it has been exposed is equally complex. The location is similarly complex, none other than the members of the group know where they used to be located. However, it is simple to explain how to get there, ask one of the heroes and they might even give a straight answer, or ask for an exchange of secrets for it. But the question of where it is is a mystery in itself that only those who lived there before us know.


The Acolytes were initially formed during one of the many guild wars, in order to control channels of information between the groups. However, they rapidly found out that this task was not as lucrative as it was believed, so they moved into another, darker task. Now when they enter a guild hall in order to gather information, they will also make mental records regarding the locations of defenses and objects that hold cultural value. Said records are to be scribed on parchments and stored on scrolls, it was at this point that they gained a reputation from the rest of the civilized world as thief-scholars. Yet as their numbers grew there was increasing difficulty in hiding their base of operations from the rest of Godville.

Rediscovery of Beacon

It was at this point when a series of clues to the location of Beacon, the city once used by the Aetherials to house the Legion, were fortuitously discovered by one of the more eccentric members of our select group, The Walker of worlds. After this we hoped it would take time until the location of the city was rediscovered. And so with great effort the portal to the Aether was opened. The city and its great stores of knowledge were rediscovered. We began to translate, and the knowledge implemented by the Acolytes into their renovation work, aiming for the same appearance as there was before the cataclysm, as well as some of their defenses.

Perils of the Aether

Yet locating the city was not the hardest task ahead of the group, as with most cities left vacant of occupants, it had been abandoned for a reason, and in this case it was no different. The threat that had faced the Legion had been particularly dire. At the beginning of the chaos war, Beacon was one of the first places to be attacked by the armies of Aphelion, as of now a majority of his soldiers have left the city, but there remain some lesser Aetherial warriors whom were too badly injured to move on, and are a threat to those inhabiting the city. Naturally, the same is true of the other side, but the Legionnaires are more likely to have healed by this point and will only be found if they are being kept down by the opposing lesser Aetherials, and are guarded. However, at times this danger may be worth facing, as the damaged Legionnaires hold vast amounts of power and knowledge, and if you can entice one to help, you will be a welcome addition to your ranks.


After Gods originally began to arrive in Godville, gold also began to appear in vast quantities, shortly it was realised by the Acolytes that the conventional system of currency was unsustainable, and that they would have to move over to another. In hindsight the new system was far more fitting to them as a group, and was accepted by nearly every member after its proposal. As they deal in the unknowns, they were to be the currency; you could approach one of them and purchase services like spying on your enemies, at the cost of telling them some of your own. It was also seen that this would not always be applicable, so they will also accept favours in exchange for goods and services, naturally the degree the favour or secret could be redeemed for is dependent on the task they were asked to do.

Notable undertakings

Pantheon of artefacts recovered

Rank God/Goddess Number of Artefacts recovered
1 GodSheyr  0
2 GodEien No Yami  0

Members List

GodSheyr  , Walker of worlds

GodEien No Yami , Ouroboros of Knowledge