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The great achievements of a hero can be seen on their hero page (click the hero's name from the main Superhero page). Originally features of the Godville mobile applications, they eventually became mainstream gameplay features. There are many to aim for, and most have variants of different ranks. All currently obtainable achievements are listed below.

The number of points each achievement is worth are only displayed in the iDevice Godville App since there is a scoring system in the Apple 'Game Center'. Exclusive to the iDevice and Android Apps are the icons displayed for each achievement. The images on the icons for each category of achievement are all the same with the only difference being the colour (except for the 'general' category where each one has its own different image). The 3rd rank icons are bronze, 2nd rank icons are silver, 1st rank icons are gold, and honored rank icons are maroon.

To check how close (or far) a hero is from the next achievement, go to the god page ( and hover the mouse pointer over the achievement. For example, moving a mouse arrow over the Hunter, 3rd rank achievement will display a window stating "Kill 5 boss monsters. Next: Kill 50 boss-monsters (XX% completed)"

Achievement Name Achievement Type Rank Points: Description[1] Notes
Hints Collector
General none 20: Unlock all in-game hint iDevice Godville App only. See the Help page ( and click on In-game hints messages.
Rabbit Ears
General none 5: Make the hero hear and react to your voice iDevice Godville App only
Dressed to Kill
General none 5: Collect a full set of equipment iDevice Godville App only
Treasure Trencher General none 10: Talked the hero into digging out a bunch of treasures iDevice Godville App only
Animalist General Honored ??: Put three level 30 or higher pets into the ark. -
Animalist 1st.png
General 1st 75: Raise up a pet to level 30. -
Animalist 2nd.png
General 2nd 20: Raise up a pet to level 20. -
Animalist 3rd.png
General 3rd 10: Raise up a pet to level 10. -
Builder 1st.png
General 1st 100: Have a personal temple completed. -
Builder 2nd.png
General 2nd 30: Collect 300 bricks for temple. -
Builder 3rd.png
General 3rd 10: Collect 50 bricks for temple. -
Careerist 1st.png
General 1st 25: Reach Cardinal guild rank in 3 guilds. -
Careerist 2nd.png
General 2nd 25: Reach Cardinal guild rank in 2 guilds. -
Careerist 3rd.png
General 3rd 25: Reach Cardinal guild rank. -
Martyr honored.png
General Honored 25: Die 300 times. Events removing a death will not revoke a martyr achievement, but they will increase the number of deaths necessary to achieve the next rank. For example, if a hero dies 50 times, he will gain the Martyr, 2nd rank achievement. If that hero then opens a mystery box and has a death removed (so that his Death Count decreases to 49) he will still keep his Martyr, 2nd rank achievement, but he will need 101 more deaths to gain the Martyr, 1st rank achievement. Therefore, it is possible to have the Honored Martyr achievement and a death count of 0.
Martyr 1st.png
General 1st 20: Die 150 times.
Martyr 2nd.png
General 2nd 15: Die 50 times.
Martyr 3rd.png
General 3rd 10: Die 10 times.
Champion honored.png
Dueling Honored 30: Win in 2000 duels. Sparring duels do not count.
Champion 1st.png
Dueling 1st 25: Win in 500 duels.
Champion 2nd.png
Dueling 2nd 20: Win in 50 duels.
Champion 3rd.png
Dueling 3rd 15: Win in 5 duels.
Invincible 1st.png
Dueling 1st 25: Win 10 duels in a row after level 50. Sparring duels do not count. Ties will not reset the count.
Invincible 2nd.png
Dueling 2nd 25: Win 10 duels in a row after level 30.
Invincible 3rd.png
Dueling 3rd 25: Win 10 duels in a row before level 30.
Coach 1st.png
Dueling 1st 10:Have sparring fights with 200 different friends. Yes, Coach 1st Rank awards less points than Coach 2nd Rank. This is possibly a typographical error in the Godville coding.
Coach 2nd.png
Dueling 2nd 15: Have sparring fights with 50 different friends. -
Coach 3rd.png
Dueling 3rd 10: Have sparring fights with 10 different friends. -
Hunter honored.png
Dueling Honored 25: Kill 2000 boss-monsters. Both Mini-quest and Digging Boss-monsters will count toward this achievement.
Hunter 1st.png
Dueling 1st 20: Kill 500 boss-monsters.
Hunter 2nd.png
Dueling 2nd 15: Kill 50 boss-monsters.
Hunter 3rd.png
Dueling 3rd 10: Kill 5 boss-monsters.
Favorite honored.png
Addict Honored 25: Check up on your hero for 300 days. The days must be consecutive. Failing to check up on the hero for one day will reset the count.
Favorite 1st.png
Addict 1st 20: Check up on your hero for 90 days.
Favorite 2nd.png
Addict 2nd 15: Check up on your hero for 25 days.
Favorite 3rd.png
Addict 3rd 10: Check up on your hero for 7 days.
Renegade honored.png
Addict Honored 25: Don't check up on hero for 300 days. The days must be consecutive. Checking up on the hero for one day will reset the count.
Renegade 1st.png
Addict 1st 20: Don't check up on hero for 90 days.
Renegade 2nd.png
Addict 2nd 15: Don't check up on hero for 25 days.
Renegade 3rd.png
Addict 3rd 10: Don't check up on hero for 7 days.
Fiend honored.png
Personality Honored 30: Punish the hero 30000 times. -
Fiend 1st.png
Personality 1st 25: Punish the hero 10000 times. -
Fiend 2nd.png
Personality 2nd 20: Punish the hero 1000 times. -
Fiend 3rd.png
Personality 3rd 15: Bring your hero to absolute darkness. Absolute darkness means "pure evil."
Saint honored.png
Personality Honored 30: Encourage the hero 30000 times. -
Saint 1st.png
Personality 1st 25: Encourage the hero 10000 times. -
Saint 2nd.png
Personality 2nd 20: Encourage the hero 1000 times. -
Saint 3rd.png
Personality 3rd 15: Bring your hero to absolute goodness. Absolute goodness means "pure good."
Raider honored.png
Dungeon Honored 30: Loot 1000 treasures from dungeons. -
Raider 1st.png
Dungeon 1st 30: Loot 300 treasures from dungeons. -
Raider 2nd.png
Dungeon 2nd 20: Loot 50 treasures from dungeons. -
Raider 3rd.png
Dungeon 3rd 15: Loot 5 treasures from dungeons. -
Shipwright 1st.png
Dungeon 1st 30: Build an ark. -
Shipwright 2nd.png
Dungeon 2nd 20: Collect 300 pieces of gopher wood. -
Shipwright 3rd.png
Dungeon 3rd 15: Collect 50 pieces of gopher wood. -


  1. The language in these descriptions is exactly as written in the Godville achievement information. Please do not edit this column without verifying that the language has also been changed. This note also acknowledges that some of the wording is inconsistent and/or can benefit from a skilled editor and the four and five digit numbers could also benefit from commas.