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The power levels are slowly filling up...

Available from level 5, the Godpower accumulator allows you to restore your Godpower to your Remote Control.

It can be very useful when your hero meets a strong monster or gets into a fight with another hero or for giving a lesson if the hero did something extremely nasty or encouraging if he did something unusually good. Every charge in the godpower accumulator can restore 50% godpower to your hero.

There are six ways to charge your godpower accumulator:

  • Every time a hero increases their level, you will gain one charge.
  • If your accumulator is empty, you can convert 100% of godpower into one charge of the godpower accumulator. This is only available for the first three charges.
  • One accumulator charge is awarded to the winner of an Arena duel (but not to the winner of skirmish in the field).
  • Can get one after activating an artifact like the Sacrificial lamp by using 50% GP
  • A fully-built Temple generates several charges per day for its owner.
  • Charges can be bought by clicking on “Charge Accumulator” link in your Remote Control and can be kept or gifted to other gods.


  • There have been times when godville has given charges to all active players and other times where a fraction of accounts have been unavailable and have been compensated[1].
  • When you restore godpower in a duel, it is added to your total charge at the start of the next turn, not straight after you choose to restore. Furthermore if you have over 50% godpower and you use a charge, you will only gain the difference to 100%. The rest is lost for good (e.g. If you have 75% power and you activate a charge, you still lose one charge but only gain 25% extra power).
  • Sometimes the Daily Forecast is for accumulator charges to restore 70% godpower instead of 50%. This works for both manual and automatic discharges.

Charge purchasing

To purchase charges, go to your profile page and click Recharges then select one of the options. Your accumulator will be recharged automatically as soon as your payment is confirmed with PayPal. Instant PayPal payments are usually processed within several minutes. Payments with eChecks may take up several days to process. If you didn't receive your charges, please write an email to support@godvillegame.com.

Charge pricing, US/UK curr.[2][3]
Charges 💵 (USD) 💷 (GBP)
4 $0.99 £0.59
22 $4.99 £2.99
45 $9.99 £5.99
120 $24.99 £14.99
250 $49.99 £29.99