Absolute vacuum cleaner

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Artifacts of Godville
Absolute vacuum cleaner
Inside the absolute vacuum.jpeg
Type 💎Bold
Value 350
Description Unknown

This object was created by a god who was tired of all the work he had to do in his home - especially cleaning the dust covering everything in his house. Heroes live on the land and not in the sky. They can't help their gods with cleaning. That is why this particular god created the absolute vacuum cleaner - a machine able to absorb enormous amount of everything.

One year after the god invented the absolute vacuum cleaner he decided to create one new invention. This time it was a portal to the world of the heroes. The point was for gods to be able to go down to earth and speak to their heroes directly. This way they can be sure that the heroes will know what exactly are they supposed to do and how. Once the god was ready with the portal he decided to use it but then noticed how dirty his home was. He was way too focused on the portal to pay attention to his house.

That is why he decided to clean before the first test of his new invention. The god was so tired due to all the work on the portal that he started to fall asleep while vacuuming. He then accidentally dropped the vacuum into the portal and it fall into the human world. It immediately started vacuuming all there is close and far - trees, dogs, cats, people, monsters and of course heroes. The machine vacuumed thousands of innocent heroes. When their gods tried to help them they it vacuumed them, too.

There were 1200 people, 5000 monsters, 9600 heroes and 12300 gods captured in this vacuum cleaner. The inventor decided to use thunderbolts to set them free because he knew that although it is dangerous, the absolute vacuum cleaner is extremely resistant. The thunders eventually succeeded and broke the gods free. Everyone else were fried by the electricity, slowly and painfully. The monsters and heroes came back to live but the people stayed dead forever.

After this tragedy all gods decided that is will be best to destroy both inventions. They got rid of the portal with no problem but when it was a time for the absolute vacuum cleaner they found out that it was turned into thousands of small copies of itself and then they were sent to the human world by the it's inventor. When asked for the reason the god replayed that he wanted to repay all that were hurt and decided to turn his machine into safer, but still effective version of itself that people heroes and monsters can all use to clean their houses and workplaces. The other gods agreed that this was a good idea.