8-bit mushroom

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Artifacts of Godville
8-bit mushroom
8-Bit Mushroom.png
Depicted: The most common appearance
Type ⚙️Activatable
Description A very ancient type of mushroom
Cost No godpower
Effect Grant an Aura [1]

An 8-Bit Mushroom is an ancient, fungus-type activatable artifact that can only be found be found during autumn.


This particular species of mushrooms is widely believed to have appeared during the period of time known as the Flat Era. Scholars speculate that it used to be the most common species of fungus[2] until the start of the 3D Era[3]. Nowadays, it's rather difficult to find. However, if a Heroine is lucky enough - or if they have an older Deity that is feeling particularly wistful - they may stumble across an entire cluster.

One other thing to note is that many scholars believe that this mushroom predates just about everything[4] that exists in the current age.

General Information

The 8-bit mushroom is a species of fungus that has an irregular 2-dimensional existence. While conventional logic dictates that this property should make it as flimsy as a piece of paper, it's surprisingly resilient and can be interacted almost exactly like any other mushroom. However, if it encounters prolonged contact with certain 3rd-dimensional entities(I.E. a Heroine's hand), it will begin to distort heavily and adversely affect its immediate surroundings.


Despite its highly unusual and flat existence, it is perfectly safe for a Heroine to eat. Though, it is important to note that it will immediately vanish after a single bite is taken - the size of the bite is irrelevant. As soon as it "disappears", the Heroine will then begin glowing with a random color for a certain period of time[5].

Interestingly enough, some Heroines have claimed that they can actually taste the mushroom right as it vanishes. While the reported flavor is wildly inconsistent with each account, overall every Heroine that has eaten one has agreed that it has a "classic/timeless" taste.

Notes and References

  1. Also have a small chance to heal your champion for a small amount of HP.
  2. Which wasn't that difficult, being the only one that existed at that time.
  3. Which was heralded by the appearance of - amongst many other things - far more solid varieties of mushrooms.
  4. Notable exceptions include: Certain Gods/Goddesses, ancient coins, and whatever material is used to make an 8-bit sword.
  5. Rumor has it that there is a Hero who works part-time as a pipe-fitter that instead becomes a taller and stronger version of himself when eating one of these mushrooms. Unfortunately for other Heroines, it appears that he is the only exception.
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