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Motto: Error 404: Motto not found!
Alignment: peaceful
Gold Fund: 23027 c.u.
Date Founded: January 24th 2013
Membership Count: 63
Town with Greatest Influence: Deville (7%)
Pantheon of unity Rank: 74
Pantheon of popularity Rank: 8
Pantheon of duelery Rank: 153
Forum Headquarters: 404
Guild Page: 404
Data current as of September 7th 2014


There once was a planet, where every thing had been explored and mapped. One day everything and everyone was gone. But there was one small population that had survived. No one knew what had happened, all they could find was notes in all houses saying things like "(Error) 404 no civilization found." One day when the population had grown and they started sending more explorers out to salvage the few goods that hadn't been destroyed and take them back to godville. One day one adventurer named Trent Gretlein found an underground library that seemed to tell thee future, so he started reading. But the books only gave guidance. It also said that every place they searched for goods they too needed to leave notes that say things like "(Error) 404 no civilization found."


Our purpose is to simply say that we do not exist and confuse countless people.

Guild Members

404 currently has 46 members (edit Dec 2017), and we are always looking for more! An incredibly friendly place to be, 404 is certainly a good guild for any newcomers to the game (and everyone else for that matter!).

Below are the ten gods who have stayed with us the longest. When you join us, it is a good idea to friend at least one of them in order to know more about 404.

Our ten most loyal members:
God Trent Gretlein God Error I Do Not Exist
God Nikkiquin God Jaesbru
God Marimari258 God Pencil98
God Ocilasa God Shaner59
God Logox God PowerMax

Next we mention a few gods who have done 404 extremely proud by gaining their temple and/or breeder medals.

Our highly esteemed temple owners:
God Trent Gretlein God Error I Do Not Exist
God Shaner59 God Logox
God Erik jon God Pypo
God Todesangst God Neo The Cat

Our even more highly esteemed temple and pet owners:
God Ven0m God Steam God Helix

Other stuff


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