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Artifacts of Godville
12th step
The staircase leading to the 12th Step
Type 🧷Normal
Description A model of the recovery garden feature.

The 12th step is made of cement and displays various inspirational messages meant to encourage you to move forward to the next step instead of staying here, including "Go on now, go," "Don't stop believin'," "You can tell by the way I use my walk," "One of these days these boots are gonna walk," and "Hugs!"[1]

General Information

The 12th step earns mentions in every big book of everything that afflicts the heroes and heroines of Godville. It is considered a vital part of any recovery; whether from something small like a paper cut, or something large enough to require a higher power. The 12th step - though sometimes is considered the final step - just as often represents a return to the 1st step. This is the common explanation for the encouragements engraved into brass plaques placed all over it: the 12th step provides the recognition of past efforts and the impetus to continue the cycle with perseverance and determination.

Set in a contemplation garden as part of an Escher-esque labyrinth, the original 12th step is made of pale cement inset with script phrases and is surrounded by lilac and lily of the valley. Atop it, the feet of countless recoverees have worn away two smooth patches as they pause for a deep breath while they look back to reflect on their progress as well as contemplate their journey so far before continuing on.

It is permitted for heros to bring a sketch artist into the contemplation garden on the strict understanding that said artist will only capture the likeness of the person he or she accompanies, so many who complete the 12-step program have commemorative sketches of themselves on the 12th step drawn.

For those in recovery, many artists in Heisenberg offer beautifully rendered quote plaque replicas as well as paintings and drawings of the 12th step, most conveniently sized to tuck inside a big book to provide comfort, inspiration, and encouragement during especially rough patches. Among some of the depictions, you may find included in the background a rainbow over a bridge symbolizing the beautiful Nirvana awaiting monsters after they fall to the triumphant hero or heroine. Heisenberg also offers sculptural renderings of the 12th step in various sizes including: billboard, road signs, poster, portrait, 8x10, wallet, and bookmarks all available in a variety of materials depending on the hero’s budget. It is these that heroines will often find among a departed monster's discarded affects, and a heroine may elect to take it into inventory to respectfully memorialize the monster's lifetime achievements or struggles which are now over.

Sales Tips

  • Since a reminder of the 12th step is most often needed where a higher power is required, the best merchant a hero can sell it to is one placed beside the temple district.
  • Despite brass being considered more aesthetically pleasant, the concrete replicas of the 12th step actually fetch the highest prices for their authenticity.


  1. These messages have emitted from the overhead speakers in various shops in the form of Muzak, propagating earworms, but remain powerful sentiments.