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Motto: Heroes of the World, Unite!
Alignment: peaceful
Date Founded: November 10th, 2011 (Day 550 g.e.)
Forum Headquarters:
Guild Page: ☭ 


Our Membership and Pantheons:☭


The guild (simply pronounced as "The Communist Guild") is an organisation that fights for the interests of all the proletarian heroes. It maintains itself as the only guild that puts aside all national, sexual, and racial differences for the interests and promotion of proletarian interests. It runs itself as and aims to establish a realistic utopian society based on science and technological progress for the championship of equality, freedom, and peace. Ultimately it aims to tear down the immoral capitalist society our heroes are forced to slave in and free them from the chains that bind them.


The Membership

No Communist should withhold their beliefs and interests, and rather should aim to project them into the world of Godville without shame or fear.

Please note that all guild members, including the founder, are equal! No member gets any preferential titles or power above other members. Now done alphabetically for simplicity in removing members who left.

Equal Communists

All members are listed here:☭

Join us and Unite

If you wish to join us as we march forward to create Heaven on Earth please give your hero the following advice:

Join "☭" guild! (Copy and Paste it into your remote control)

Please remember that you are free to leave the guild at any time (and even return if you so wish).

Your role as a Communist

We demand nothing of you as a member of our guild other than of course your agreement with what we fight for. Obviously you would not be joining if you did not agree, and don't ever feel that you are being forced into this guild against your will. As stated before you are free to leave at any point in the process and return if that fancies you. Heroes with the rank of 'fan' are just as equal as those with the rank of 'cardinal'.

We ask that you perhaps spread the word of the revolution. Share the link to our Wiki page, or chat in our forum headquarters about damn near anything you want. One way to help spread the revolutionary word is to put the hammer and sickle into your heroes' personal motto. This is done by simply selecting this symbol: , pressing Ctrl+C, then going to your motto field and pressing Ctrl+V for where you want to put it. This is merely a suggestion and not a requirement, there is no attempt or motivation to force you into doing this. You do not have to spread the word of the guild, it would just be helpful as we strive to bring about a revolution in Godville.

If you have suggestions for the guild please bring it up in the forum headquarters for analysis and discussion. We will not accept divisional political attempts as they are reactionary and will weigh us down. But if you have some sort of activity in mind or something please feel free to throw your opinion around. We turn no one back except for the fascists and bourgeoisie.


This discusses the stance of the communist guild in Godville.


The ☭ guild accepts any and all heroes into it's ranks without any discrimination or hazing process. There are no level or age requirements and heroes are free to leave or return if they so wish. Heroes need not be of any certain personality to be admitted into the guild nor any sort of pantheon rank what-so-ever.

The members of the ☭ guild aim to abolish currency in Godville as well as bring peace to the land. From the point of birth our heroes are taught that they must indiscriminately murder and kill to increase their own wealth and status in Godville's society. They are convinced under the understanding that this is the way human nature works and that there is no other way for human progress to continue without competition and conflict. We are here to explain that Godville will prosper far better when we establish a democratic society that does not encourage the slaughter of monsters and fellow heroes. Monsters and humans can unite side by side and instead of sparring for coins and items they can instead work on creating more of the items we seek to obtain for ourselves and for each other.

Currently the only groups with the power to change our society are those that run it's engine, and that is the proletarian hero and their God. Only they can emancipate the proletariat and the monsters we are pitted against.

We as a whole must stop subscribing to bourgeois methods of control such as alcoholism and preachers who put the interests of their God above other Gods. Our best solution to end the mass carnage and warfare present in Godville is to abolish currency and free the proletariat from the necessity of killing for profit and self-betterment. We can then share all things in common and work to create more, rather then destroying each other and wasting resources in the process. We all have hopes, dreams, and desires that we seek to accomplish, but in our current society we are held back by a system that exploits us for the gain of merchants, alcohol producers and distributors, and bourgeois guilds. These groups use us for our currency and gold bars to increase their own power and clout over us. They force us to play into their system so that the only work we can do will ensure their success and domination over us. We can not make strong gains or truly express our freedoms as long as we allow an immoral system that promotes waste, hatred, and self-abuse to exist. Only when we replace this system with a democracy that allows for heroes and monsters to decide for themselves the best functions of their local community in a non-exclusive format will there be equality, progress, and freedom for all.

As heroes we deserve what we want for ourselves. We have Gods that take care of us and try to make us better through encouragement, punishment, and advice. The Gods enjoy heaven which has no system of currency that binds them with limitations and hatred. They aren't put in a rank and file system that encourages murder and discrimination. They say that the original sin was when Adam & Eve bit into the apple in order to become like the angels and Gods; and they did. They became intelligent and gained free will, but we have not used these things to their fullest potential: creating Heaven on Earth for heroes to prosper in and enjoy.

The revolution will not be a diary entry

Unlike virtually every other group and organisation it is the ☭ guild alone that works for the betterment of everyone. We do not recognize anything that is made up to divide the heroes! Greed cannot corrupt us! But we shall be ignored and mocked, for they imagine that this is the only way things can be done. But we know this is not human nature, and even it it was we're friggen gods. We have the power to help our heroes create a successful utopia and stop falling for an abusive exploitative menial role in a violent capitalist society.

The mass of us are God's of heroes who work for a living. They are the proletariat, the men and women who must sell themselves and violently compete with others. They work for the general profit of the Godville bourgeoisie, who own the shops and bars! They run the system that uses money as a reward for murder so that they can continue to be the ones on top!


The issue with bourgeois guilds

In Godville there is a pandemic of there being many many guilds vesting for the approval and support of the proletarian hero. We enter the field knowing that the first page of the Unity pantheon is reserved for massive bourgeois guilds who've managed to convince the proletariat to do their bidding. Little stands in their way and all other guilds rely on 2-5 heroes to hold up their banner.

These guilds and their leaders are indeed bourgeois tyrants who divide heroes into specific camps so that it is easier for them to control and lead us. They separate us most often on the basis of personality, but many of the larger ones maintain campaigns of hate along the lines of level, age, and the amount of gold bars you possess. They all seek to only make life better for their own guild members, or only of the top brass of their guild. We on the other hand are unique in that we sacrifice ourselves for all members, regardless of guild, and fight for their interests in Godville. ONLY the ☭ guild works for the betterment of all.

We do not encourage hatred of heroes and Gods who are a part of some bourgeois guild, as they tend to be members of the proletariat just like us. We instead must encourage them to abandon their disillusioned position and teach them to be class conscious so that they too can fight against the injustices of Godville!

We seek to be allies with no guild unless they expressly subscribe to what we demand. Only proletarian guilds with revolutionary elements that demand an end to war, greed, and division will be considered allies. Such guilds must not exclude members of any stripes from entering their ranks. Their also must not be any sort of hierarchical program in place, as that is counter-revolutionary and encourages a practice of enslavement.

Currently we are against every and all guilds of any type for they slow down progress and waste away precious resources. They sponge up the proletariat hero in large numbers and send them on obnoxious tasks like solving puzzles or warring with other guilds. They do not fight for the interests of anyone other than themselves. And ultimately even if they are guilds made up entirely of proletarian heroes if they choose to fight only for their own guild’s members then they subscribe to bourgeois ideologies of division and hatred. They make it harder for change to occur and they make it much easier to force the proletariat as a whole into capitalist slavery. As such we currently oppose all other guilds for their failure to stand up to injustice.

An analysis of Godville capitalism

The hero in a way is selling their time and effort by their ability to slaughter for the constant benefit of the bourgeoisie. This is the only way to survive in this capitalist system as pacifism will not let you progress. The hero is forced to survive by conflict. They must kill monsters who survive by participating in the exact same capitalist system for the profit of the same people.

The murder of monsters is done for shameless materialistic reasons, collecting masses of useless items sometimes called 'trophies' as prizes for killing other members of the proletariat. The hero only collects these items so that he may sell them in order to fund his healthcare, education, or weapons advancement. The monsters clearly go through the same process as they carry gold and items and take them from the heroes they manage to defeat. We ignore how similar we are so that we make make small gains for ourselves the only way we know how.

Bars exist to keep the working class proletarian hero addicted and dependent on the system whilst the bourgeois profit from it. Alcohol helps keep the working hero down, encouraging them to waste their money and force an increase in work needed to advance. Restaurants aim to profit off of human necessity for food. They have capitalized something that should be respected and shared among all. Same goes for the sale of potions and health care products. What gives them the right to put a dollar sign on human life? They also have monopolized education for their own profit in exchange for slow progress in a variety of skills.

The bourgeoisie also profit greatly off the sale of the weapons that the proletarian heroes must use to fight each other. Any and all money in the system is very quickly and constantly getting concentrated among the bourgeois masters. It is madness that we are expected to let our heroes live in and obey a system that is so immoral. We must change it for their betterment.


One day we will be able to live freely and peacefully in a democratic Godville where heroes and monsters decide their own fate. If monsters aren't free, neither are heroes, and neither are we, the gods. Only when a communist revolution sweeps the land will the heroes be free of the chains that bind them!