"all live" oil

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Artifacts of Godville
"all live" oil
Type 💊Healing
Description Unknown

Origins and Acquisition

This healing artifact can be found in locations that sell Apothecary in a bottle, and in most shops around the region. Rumor has it that all of the known bottles of this strange substance can be sourced back to one distinct tree, which has been lost to time, but is heavily documented in historical archives. Trees grown from this initial tree's fruit have been cultivated to grow identical trees in orchards to make this odd substance. This "tree" has been likened to that of the traditional Olive Tree, with the key note that when it was planted, the farmer who bought the seeds to the tree realized that he bought the wrong kind of seeds, seeing that the pouch said "all live seeds". Assuming it to be a waste of time, the farmer disposed of the rest of the seeds, and then ignored the planted tree for some time. However, when he noticed a tree was growing where the once planted the unknown seed, he realized he may have gotten something worthwhile out of it. Once the tree fully grew, it started bearing fruits that oddly resembled that of Fruits of labor, with the notable difference that they were smaller, and grew in bunches. The farmer was tired, and sat against the tree one day, when he felt a fruit from the tree fall onto his lap. Upon giving the fruit a taste, he felt revitalized, and energized. Deciding to continue growing the tree to sell its fruit, the farmer soon grew wealthy season after season of growing the fruits from this tree. After some time, the farmer decided to branch out, and also sell the cold-pressed oil of this fruit, which is where we now get "all live" oil.


Consumption of the oil is considered safe, and beneficial to the consumer, due to its high vitamin percentage, as well as it being low in cholesterol, and has zero sugars. Very young children, pregnant women, and people with vitamin disorders, however, are advised to avoid consuming this substance, as it has not been fully researched yet. It can be used to fry foods, providing a healthier alternative to neutral oils, as well as being used as a dressing for salads, a cooking oil, and mixed in with baked goods, or served with bread.